Over the last three months, Jamaica has seen two elections; general and local government.  The results of both were devastating for the now opposition party because they lost miserably.  The winning party may have seen it as true victory and that the people of the country know that they were the best party to be in power.  However, the truth to this whole scenario is that Jamaicans are simply fed-up of the lackadaisical attitude of politicians and the promises they make and fail to fulfill.  They say a promise is a comfort to a fool but as cliché as it is, what else can you do but be a fool, not vote, how does that help?  Hypothetically speaking, when there are fewer choices to be made, Jamaicans would rather give the opposition party a chance to deliver, rather than give the present another term in office, at least the opposition had four years to see what the people had to endure.  The last four years have been one of chaos for the ‘Green Team’; they have been ‘dealt’ a very difficult hand.  They had much to deal with, ranging from the constant increase of gas prices to the signing of extradition requests.  There is no way they could have emerged from such ordeals triumphant.

The reality of this new hopscotch system of government is that, they, the politicians think they know what’s best for Jamaicans but they really and truly don’t.  They have never been through struggles that average Jamaicans have to endure and survive on a daily basis.  Recently, a US governor, with the hope of understanding what homeless people had to undergo, decided to become homeless for a night, sleeping in a shelter with nothing but the hard floor for a pillow.  The next morning, he had a different outlook on life and a greater appreciation for the homeless, thus giving him the opportunity to campaign for the homeless.  How many of these Jamaican politicians would dare go to live on the Jamaican streets for an hour or even a night, no, go on, I will wait.

This song by Tanya Stephens has put the words on most Jamaicans lips on a rhythm just so it may be digested with ease.  However, whether it is an acapella or on a rhythm, it is still the reality that people face.  The line that really hit home for me was the last line of verse 2, ‘at least if yu go prison yu get fi eat everyday’.  Have you ever heard of a hungry politician, to quote Katt Williams, NOPE NOT NEVER!  I am not trashing and bashing politicians, there are a few good ones in existence (big up yuself Champy Myers) but the truth is they will have to suffer for the inadequacies of the majority.  Politicians have the ability to make things better for the citizens they were elected to serve, as such, if they fail, giving up must never be an option, it simply means a new plan needs to be drafted, failure and conceding should never be an option.
Please let me introduce you to the soulful but factual lyrics on Tanya Stephens.  Please, enjoy but also reflect on what is being said.

Artist: Tanya Stephens
Album: Rebelution
Year: 2006
Title: Warm Dem


Tings bad now but trust, dem could get worse

Unless of course we come together and do sopm firs

And all di madas gwaan pray because it a go tek much more dan a politician fi save di day


So when di yutes dem need a buss

Gi dem opportunity fus

Cause if dem sidung and lust

Den it no safe fi none of us

And di guns weh use to rus’

A go rise up from di dus’

Police and soldier haffi duck

When dem hear di guns a bus’

When war a gwaan ina Iraq

Mi no have no time fi pay to dat

Mi a watch di yutes dem pan di block

A rise di SK and di glock

It no safe fi go a shop

Even pickney dem a chop

Now tell mi what we gonna do about dat


A long time mi did a warn dem

Seh di yutes dem need fi eat some food

A dat alone can calm dem

Dem neva listen when dem hear shot a drizzle

Well here comes di storm den

When di thunder start roll and get out a control

Wi kyaahn disarm dem


When opportunity mean fi wait outside a nada brother gate

And when no food no ina yu plate yu know yu life yu a go hate

Cause yu nah appreciate no matta how yu hold di faith

End up crooked and a look it it no pay fi live so straight

7 years afta college all now no job no come

Now yu ova qualified still haffi live ina di slum

Faada dead yu haffi tek care a yu madda an yu son

And yu prip it all a done yu load di clip ina yu gun

It hard fi smile wid everybody yu meet everyday

All when yu do good yu still a get beat everyday

No have nutten fi lose yu done deh pan di street everyday

If yu go prison at least yu get fi eat everyday



Mi did a warn dem

Seh di yutes dem need fi eat some food

A dat alone can calm dem

Dem neva listen when dem hear shot a drizzle

Well here comes di storm den

When di thunder start roll and get out a control

Wi kyaahn disarm dem



When wi action no mirror what a come from wi lips

Simply means  wi mus be a nation a hypocrites

Politicians come from among us as far as I can see

If sopm wrong wid dem den sopm mus wrong wid we

A we mek dem, a wi elect dem

And all di crap dem a dish a wi a tek dem

So it’s a likkle insane when wi start complain

When di bullet start rain when a we a di creator fi di arm dem


Di yutes dem need fi eat some food

A dat alone can calm dem

Unda di kyaapet full a shots weh did a drizzle

But it kyaahn hold di storm dem

When di thunder start roll and get out a control

Wi kyaahn disarm dem



Yu know wah

Mi kyaahn guarantee unu seh di yutes dem a go drop di bereta

Hell, mi kyaahn even promise yu seh mi ago act betta

But one tings fi sure wi can mek an effort

Dat a di least wi can do before wi lef earth


Every boy every girl every woman every man together we can

Every saint every sinner every politician together we can

Every teacher every lawyer every doctor and every don together we can

Together we can.