I often say that talented people have one handicap, they are blind.  They never yet seem to see the talent that they possess regardless of how often people tell them. That’s two handicaps then, guess they are also deaf.    Why do they ignore their talent and stray over to the wrong side of the law? One word, POWER.  We have seen this manifestation day in and day out but the epic case of recent times is that of Vybz Kartel.

HEY, hold on, before you leave, let me say that this is not another blog or write up on Vybz Kartel, I too am tired of them.  I don’t have to venture down the road of saying how talented and influential Vybz Kartel was and still is, go back to an entry I posted last year, I laid it out all there.  This entry is about a phenomenon that is not new but manifested itself in a different way over the last month.  If you know nothing of the Vybz Kartel case, you must have been…never mind. Go look it up, I’ll wait.  Ready now? Lovely!  From the very onset of Kartel’s incarceration the whispers of class manipulation started and when the guilty verdict was delivered, the whispers transformed into screams. Last week, April 3, 2014, when the judge handed down the life sentence, the screamers were so hoarse they could say no more they had to resort to silence, because, in my opinion, the protests and exclamations surrounding the verdict were more massive than those of the sentencing.

Now, what did I take from the Kartel case?  Nothing new, I simply realized that my thinking was correct all this time.  The crippling violence, protests, destruction and societal issues that we are faced with in contemporary Jamaica and, by extension, the world is mainly, if not solely, caused by the element of segregation.  What do I mean, class is the exiled child born out of a search and attempted acquisition of ultimate power.  Those thought to have succeeded in this search are deemed the ‘superior’ class or group with whom prestige and power is said to reside. As such, the ultimate destructive element plaguing contemporary society is POWER.  Why?  How? Power comes with a dire side effect, an unsatisfying craving, a craving for more, more of the said power. This craving has a need to be filled and in order for that craving to subside, more power is needed, wherever it exists.  This creates a division between those who have and those who don’t, between those who have a little and those who have a lot, between those who want more and those who want to keep theirs; a set of power hoarders.  These are only few of the divisions created.  This existence, today, is labeled or manifests itself in different ways; the rich and the poor, uptown and downtown, us and them, Indians and blacks, blacks and whites etc. You name the divides, they were created, subconsciously, with the same mantra,

In the Kartel case we have seen and heard people speak of the idea that he and his co-accused were victims of the system and because they are ghetto youths who sang of ghetto struggles in a manner that is deemed taboo, they were ‘made an example’.  So we hear talks of the bigger heads, the prosecution, and the judicial system abusing their power.  But the question I want to ask is, the situation which brought this case about, did it have an element of the powerless and the powerful? Your response will decide whose side you are on in this case and because I am not here to take sides, I won’t wait for a response.


Title: War

Artiste: Bob Marleyo

Riddim: N/A

Year: 1976


Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned
Everywhere is war
Mi say war


Bet until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
Me say war

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all
Without regard to race
Dis a war.

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace,
World citizenship
Rule of international morality
Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued
But never attained
Now everywhere is war



And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
That hold our brothers in Angola,
In Mozambique,
South Africa
Sub-human bondage
Have been toppled

Utterly destroyed
Well, everywhere is war
Me say war.

War in the East
War in the West
War up North
War down South

Rumours of war

And until that day
The African continent
Will not know peace
We Africans will fight

We find it necessary
And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory
Of good over evil
Good over evil yeah
Good over evil –

Instrumental Until Song Ends

Bob Marley, sometimes I listen his music and think, this man was too great and as a result he had to die at a young age.  They say the great die young, I agree.  Before you jump at my neck, listen to Bob’s music, it speaks to modern day happenings which seem to be prophecies or premonitions.    Bob did a song in 1976 called War.  That song is what I call a rendition of a future today.  He speaks of the elements which need to be eradicated in order to prevent war and turmoil but I guess no one listened because we are having war and turmoil everywhere, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, USA, not to mention in the Caribbean.  Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica are two of the most crime riddled territories in the Caribbean.  The respective governments are now running around like headless chickens trying to find solutions to the crime problems which exist.  What is ironic is that the answer is staring them right in their faces but they choose to ignore it because they don’t seem to believe that the answer can be so blatant.  Well yes it is, in order to address crime, you first have to address the issues of segregation and division because these are contributors to and by products of power and as I said earlier, power is the key ingredient for war.  How do they limit this craving  for power? Simple, through equality and parity!  What do I mean? The different warring factions that we see existing today are in search of the ultimate power.  Observe those that war over turf, they fight for the territory which they deem important, why, because the holder of that territory holds power.  Drug cartels all aim to be the most dominant because the most dominant will control the greater part of distribution and a control of distribution yields wealth, money.  Money, today, seems to be the ultimate measure of power because if you observe those in the upper echelons of society who are considered powerful all share similar control of wealth.  Now if such wealth was distributed equally would the same level of crime exist? NO!

Poverty is considered one of the key elements that cause crime because the have-nots are in hunt of ‘their share of the pie’ never ceasing to think for a minute about who they have to step on to get it.  The poorer class often lay the blame for their impoverished lifestyles at the feet of politicians because they see their suffering as an element of an imbalance of power; an element which they say is an offshoot of or an example of modern day colonization.  Listen to the song Where I Come From  by Chronixx and tell me what words or concepts resonate with you?  What does he consider the key to happiness?

Title: Where I Come From

Artiste: Chronixx

Riddim: N/A

Year: 2013

Ooohh Lord



Tell mi where you come from Chronixx


Not from around here


Where I come from


This is the remix man

Zinc Fence

From I was a baby

Wrap up ina nappy

Mi never ever like fi see mi mummy unhappy

So mi go married to the money under a canopy

Kaa mi believe seh every black man can happy

Because mummy love jewelry daddy love Tims

Me and Teflon fi have house fi kill

And pan di hill grandma want the house fi build

When mi say hill mi a talk bout close to Jill, whoa

And me no know bout Jack

When it comes to money mi say mi know bout dat

And if a JSE mi seh  mi sure bout stocks

And if a mek it ina life Chronixx sure bout dat, whoa whoa


Where I come from everyone’s happy

So mi call Walshy and tell him fi say

Gwaan go tell Wall Street that I’m coming soon

Been dreaming bout money all afternoon

Because making money is always on my mind

Ooh Lord

Go dung a west pan a piece a land

And farm di highest den that’s the plan

Because making money is always on my mind


So from yu diss di motherland that means yu diss yu father

Mi woulda like fi build a house ina Addis Ababa, why why

Drive round ina di whole a Africa

And stretch mi hand to every ghetto youth and say no dis yu ask fa

Poverty mi curse it

Mi pocket weak until mi haffi nurse it

So mi a go hustle, try entrepreneurship

Kaa mi haffi sweeten mi account like Hershey’s

I say…



Where I come from everyone’s happy

But dem bring we beyond

Dung a Cari-bbean

Tek we to a place where everyone’s crying

Crying whoa

Where I, where I come from everyone’s happy, oooh Lord

Walshy, where we come from everyone’s smiling

But dem bring we to a place where people a baal

Eh, ooh Lord, ooh Lord, oooh Lord


Walshy Fire bring mi ina di studio and say voice no Chronixx

So mi lift up mi voice understand it

People ask if me deh pan chronic

Dem fi know seh  a steam mi steam

And nobody kyaa separate we from it

A so we dwiit and babylon panic

When time dem see we Babylon get upset and start vomit, eww

But where I come from full up a gunman

But everyone a laugh because di likkle youth dem have food ina dem lunch pan

But Babylon come dung

And dem bring di guns down

And di youth dem get shoot down


A so we dwiit everyday ina studio

Write and tweet everyday

People say Chronixx couldn’t so yu stay

Mi tell dem a so mi born

And dem say youth stop di noise

But mi naa stop di noise

Cause me love sing and breeze out mi voice

And mek di world hear

And mek every boy and girl hear

Whether yu a Indian with curl hair

Or, ease, laugh



Song ends

I am putting it to you that at all levels of communicative breakdown, disagreements and disorder is the camouflaged entity of power.  Think I am wrong? Ok, the next time you have a disagreement or get into an argument, examine the situation and tell me that there is no piece of evidence that power is hidden somewhere deep within.   Provide equality for all and you remove the element of power which decreases all elements of disagreements.  Equality is not all about money.  When I speak of equality I mean equal opportunities for jobs, access to education, health care, justice.  Provide equal platforms for issues and solution to be discussed.  Remove the idea from the minds of people that money is ultimate measure of success.


Title: Day In Day Out

Artiste: Agent Sasco

Riddim: N/A

Year: 2014

Mmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmm


Am telling you
Day in day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

But am telling you
Day in, day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

But check this out

The landlord him just a pressure my case
Mi feel like him waa get mi out a him place
A 6 months now mi no pay the rent late
And him come a him come a tell mi say it raise
Mi just lose mi work but mi naa losedi faith
Still have mi likkl wagon so a hustling straight
Papine to Down Town without the red plate
Now mi car de pan the wrecker back
How mi going pay it
Just tek mi last pay the doctor bill woi
Still have the prescription fi fill
Though mi kyaa buy the name brand pill
Wa mi do, mi hold the generic, carry on still

Am telling you
Day in day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

But am telling you
Day in, day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

But check this out


Well hear mi now
I don’t want much
My only desire is fi just keep mi pot pan the fire
Clothes pan mi back respectable attire
And fi be a father figure fi mi youth dem admire
But it’s like against me the system a conspire
Fi just keep mi down in a the muck and the mire
Cause see it de mi just get fire
Police tek weh the whole car plus it all waa tire
But I keep faith ina the messiah
Gwaan read mi bible, mi gwaan say mi prayer
Mi Aunty a England 100 pound she wire
Mi go buy a weed whacker

Gardener for hire



Am telling you
Day in day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

But same way
Day in, day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

No watch no face
Naa wallow ina pain and sorrow
Kaa my day must come
It might be tomorrow
So mi stay pan the straight and the narrow
And mi naa stray, no mi straight like a arrow
Construction sight gwaan push a barrow
Work fi mi own mi no beg and barrow
Bad company mi naa follow
Naa mek dem stress mi out fi mi go smoke and parrow
Aim for the stars and the moon like Apollo
Gi mi self chance mi a try win the lotto
Naa fold mi hand dem, stand up like statue
Mi Down Town a sell pumpkin and callaloo

Am telling you
Day in day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap
It seems like 4 steps forward and five steps back

A wa mi say
Day in, day out
Am trying to find a way out
Seems there’s always a trap

mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmm



Song ends